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SUNDAY SWAG GIVEAWAY (On a Monday): Dani Harper

Sunday Swag Post

Welcome to Sunday Swag! (I’m a day late. Sorry about that!) I absolutely love swag. I think it’s the perfect thing to collect. You can have a whole bunch and it doesn’t take up a lot of room. One day it occurred to me that a lot of people might have the same feelings about swag as I do. That’s when the idea of a Sunday Swag feature came to me. I could both show off my love of swag and give some away! Plus, it’s a great way of spreading the word about all the fabulous authors out there!


This week I’m spreading the word about Dani Harper!


There isn’t anything Dani Harper likes better than exploring the supernatural – unless it’s writing sizzling and suspenseful romance and fantasy. Of course, all of her stories have at least one foot in the netherworld!

Love paranormal but looking for something different? Try STORM WARRIOR, Book 1 of the Grim Series. Bringing Celtic faery legends – including hot heroes and hotter faeries – into modern-day America, Storm Warrior earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Book Two of the Grim Series, STORM BOUND, was released in the Spring of 2014, and Book 3, STORM WARNED, comes out March 3 of 2015.

Attention die-hard werewolf fans! Meet Dani’s unique take on shapeshifters: the Macleod family! Book 1, CHANGELING MOON, was chosen as a 2012 RITA Award Finalist in Paranormal Romance, by Romance Writers of America. CHANGELING DREAM & CHANGELING DAWN followed, earning many outstanding reviews. FIRST BITE, a Dark Wolf Story that also features Dani’s famous ‘Changelings’, released in 2013.

To find out more about Dani and her books, please visit her website at or stop by her Fan page at….


Here are some of Dani’s books. Just click on their covers to learn more about them.

Sunday Swag Giveaway - Dani Harper - Riverina Romantics - Ends 11-30-14


This week’s main prize is a Dani Harper tote bag with postcards. I also have 3 additional postcards sets to giveaway. Just talk to the rafflecopter dude to enter this international giveaway. Good luck!

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For another spectacular Sunday Swag giveaway check out I Smell Sheep!

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Nov 22

REVIEW: All He Ever Desired by Shannon Stacey

All He Ever Desired

(The Kowalski Family #5)

by Shannon Stacey

4 Hearts
From Goodreads

A second shot at first love

After college, Ryan Kowalski decided to leave Whitford, Maine, rather than watch Lauren Carpenter marry another man. Now his siblings need his help to refurbish the family-owned Northern Star Lodge and he’s forced to face the past sooner rather than later when he collars a vandal—and learns the boy is Lauren’s son…

The last person Lauren needs back in her life is Ryan Kowalski. With a bitter ex-husband and a moody teenage son, she has enough man trouble already. But her son needs to learn a few lessons about right and wrong, even if Lauren has to escort him to Ryan’s door every day to work off his crime.

With all this close contact, Ryan and Lauren can’t deny the chemistry between them is as powerful as ever. But can a few searing kisses erase their past and pave the way for a second chance at true love?

My Review Final

I love Shannon Stacey. It’s been far too long since I’ve read her and the Kowalski Family series. When I opened All He Ever Desired (book #5 of the Kowalski Family) it was like coming home. With that being said, as much as I liked the first 4 books of the series it’s nothing compared to how much I liked this book.

Ryan Kowalski took a leap of faith as a young man and asked the pregnant wife of his best friend to run away with him. He cared for her, but more importantly he knew his friend wasn’t a good husband and probably never would be to Lauren, so he asked and was shot down. He left his small town after that and returned as little as possible. He owned his own business and was pretty successful, so that kept him busy and away, but if he’s being honest he couldn’t face her on regular basis. All has changed. It’s been well over a decade and he’s needed back at the lodge owned by he and his siblings. Northern Star Lodge has some renovations that need done and that’s Ryan’s niche. He just has to get things done as quickly as possible and get out of there.

Lauren Carpenter’s life hasn’t turned out quite as she hoped. Her marriage failed and her son is in his moody teenage phase. He’s a good kid for the most part, but lately he’s been acting out more and more. When he does the unthinkable and vandalizes the Northern Star Lodge she’s appalled and devastated. Not only is it going to be a huge hit to her budget, a budget that’s already way too stretched, but of all things he had to get caught by none other than Ryan Kowalski. The same Ryan Kowalski that she hasn’t been able to get out of her mind after all these years.

I love Ryan and what a stand-up guy he is. He felt bad for what he did to his friend, but he was trying to do the right thing for Lauren and her son. But, when confronted by Lauren’s ex-husband he owned up to what he did. And I loved how he treated Lauren’s son. He made him responsible for the things he did without belittling him. Lauren is all kinds of great! She’s a good mom and a hard worker doing what she could to get through life and raise her son well. I can’t imagine a better fit for either of these characters other than each other.

Hotness Rating

3 out of 5

3 Flames


Click here for my review of Exclusively Yours (The Kowalski Family #1)
Click here for my review of Undeniably Yours (The Kowalski Family #2)
Click here for my review of Yours To Keep (The Kowalski Family #3)
Click here for my review of All He Ever Needed (The Kowalski Family #4)


Nov 21

REVIEW: To Russia With Love by Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey

To Russia With Love

(Countermeasure #2)

by Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey

4-5 hearts

From Goodreads

NSA tech expert Trevor Bauer is on the hunt for his missing parents who disappeared six years ago under suspicious circumstances. When a digital clue leads him and his new wife, Cassandra, a former CIA operative, to St. Petersburg, they must infiltrate the Russian mafia and outsmart a ruthless crime lord to get their hands on the critical information.

Their mission backfires, leaving Trevor a prisoner and forcing Cassandra to go on the run to protect him. Alone and in the middle of a gang showdown, Trevor must decide…will he do whatever it takes to escape the mafia and get to Cassandra before she flees the country? Or will he risk everything…including his life…to secure the clue he so desperately needs?

The suspense driven COUNTERMEASURE SERIES combines full-length novels and Bytes of Life short stories about sexy, technologically inclined men and women. The series is filled with heart-stopping danger and enough twists and turns to make a hair-raising rollercoaster seem tame. In the series, Trevor Bauer, a tough as nails NSA geek, and his even more tenacious love interest, Cassandra James, are on a quest for clues in the mysterious disappearance of Trevor’s parents. Joined by fate, their search drops them into the mysterious and violent world of data espionage, one that tests their love as they sweep the world with romance, sex, and ingenuity to find answers that will have the power to change their lives forever.

My Review Final

To Russia With Love is the second book of the Countermeasure series. I love this series and loved Countermeasure (book #1). I honestly didn’t think it was possible, but I loved To Russia With Love even more. I could not get enough of the amazing characters that make up the cast of this book. Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey do things a little differently and I am a huge fan of their methods. First they offer the Bytes of Life companions that give you just a little more insight and bring you that much closer to the characters. Then, they give you two great romances and a mystery within a mystery all in this fantastic second installment.

In this book, Cassandra and Trevor are married and moved from the US to Ireland, so that they can better investigate the real reason behind the disappearance of Trevor’s parents a few years before. The authorities have closed the case and ruled his parents dead even though no bodies have been recovered. Being able to listen into one’s private conversations tend to come in handy. Trevor overhears a conversation stating that they have a paper written by his father. In an attempt to buy this paper Trevor is given a different task. If he can recover the highly sensitive information that was stolen from this man’s company he will turn over the papers.

This missing information, if decrypted by the wrong people, could be really bad for the entire world. As luck would have it the Russian mafia has the information and they just need the right geek to figure it out for them. I loved that this storyline completely took our characters out of their comfort zones. Trevor was the one on the front lines just trying to survive, so he can get back to the woman he loves and poor Cassie was relocated to the role of behind the scenes support running data and praying for Trevor’s safety. She still had her moments where she got to show off her super badass ex-CIA self, though.

Meanwhile, back in Ireland Jessica is settling in as much as she can. When Cassie offered her a position working for them Jessica jumped on it. She missed her friend terribly, but if she is being completely honest Stephan played a big part in her decision to move, as well. They had one hot kiss the night of Trevor and Cassie’s wedding, yet Jessica hasn’t been able to think of anything else.

Stephan has no intentions of ever settling down or even staying in a relationship too long. This rule is set in stone even if Jessica is now living in Ireland and he can’t quit thinking about the way she made him feel after just one kiss. The attraction is there, but Stephan knows she is too young and deserves things that he can never give her.

I love Stephan! The pain he has tried to bury has dictated the way he looks at life and relationships. Yet, it’s never made him bitter or unkind to women even if it has made him hold a huge part of himself back. I love how Jessica knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. I can’t think of any couple that deserve a happily ever after more than these two.

I highly recommend To Russia With Love and all of the books in this series to anyone that enjoys romance and intrigue. I can not wait to read more and to get that much closer to finding out what happened to Trevor’s parents.

Hotness Rating 
3 out of 5
3 Flames


Click here for my review of Countermeasure (Countermeasure #1)
Click here for my review of Ecstasy by the Sea (Countermeasure: Bytes of Life #2)
Click here for my review of Cuffed at Midnight (Countermeasure:  Bytes of Life #3)
Click here for my review of Passion at Dawn (Countermeasure:  Bytes of Life #4)


Nov 20


Tour banner
Today we have the release day launch of Skip to the Good Part, a sexy new collection of the hottest scenes from 20 phenomenal authors. I am so excited to share it!!!



About Skip to the Good Part:

Skip to the Good Part: 20 Authors Reveal Their Steamiest Scenes offers face-fanning romance and tie-me-up sizzle (and everything in between) from top authors including New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.


The collection features a British alpha who wants to turn a good girl bad, a woman realizing her impetuous marriage to a stripper isn’t all bad, a bad-boy boxer who could use a large dose of sexual healing, a carnie who has found new and inventive uses for fun house mirrors, and a rocker who wants to woo the girl who got away: his high school sweetheart.


Read 20 of the best steamy scenes in contemporary romance and erotic romance today. This 250-page collection will get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and your skin tingling—you’re sure to discover a new favorite.

Due to the graphic nature of some content, this collection is recommended strictly for mature readers.


New York Times best-selling authors:

Raine Miller | Kendall Ryan | K. Bromberg | Carly Phillips | Denise Grover Swank | S.L. Scott

USA Today best-selling authors:

Christine Bell | Rebecca Shea | Andrea Smith


Magan Vernon | Kristie Cook | Nevaeh Lee & Michelle Lynn | Alessandra Thomas | Selena Laurence | Heidi Joy Tretheway | Elizabeth Briggs | Meghan March | Taylor Michaels | K.B. Nelson | Elise Covert


Amazon | iBooks | Kobo |Barnes & Noble

Enter the fantastic giveaway!!

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Nov 19

BOOK TOUR/ GIVEAWAY: Spice Up Your Shelves – Lisa Fox, Sabrina York, Sidney Bristol

unnamedThree authors are participating in this event.  Sidney Bristol brings us the heat with her Romantic Suspense with BDSM Elements title Duty Bound, Book 2 in her Bayou Bound series.  Lisa Fox is introducing us to her Midnight Kiss Contemporary Romance series with One Kiss and the soon-to-be-released Her Perfect Lips. And a Contemporary Erotic Romance series from Sabrina York, her titles Rebound, Dragonfly Kisses, Smoking Holt, Heart of Ash, Devlin’s Dare and Parker’s Passion are all part of the Tryst Island Series.  Join us in meeting these authors and spice up your shelves (or start your holiday shopping early) with one of these wonderful romances.


Duty Bound

(Bayou Bound #2)

by Sidney Bristol

She’s the woman he sent away.

Lisette wouldn’t be back in New Orleans if she didn’t need protection—and who better to turn to than her ex-boyfriend turned Detective? She’s got a closet full of secrets that include a stalker ex and a kinky past. She vows to not dream about Mathieu…much. If only he were a Dominant, one who would not just flog her into bliss, but love her as well. A girl can dream, can’t she?

He was her first love.

Mathieu wants nothing to do with another damsel in distress, but he can’t say no when the little blonde woman walks back into his life with proof her ex is big trouble. He’ll give her a place to sleep, but nothing more. His heart is locked up tight. Except, Lisette uncovers his past in the BDSM world and she’s never backed down from a challenge. He can handle her, can’t he?

Lisette and Mathieu embark on a relationship that is strictly about sexual gratification, but evolves into more. When the bodies align, the hearts entwine. Except their rekindled flame is in danger. Lisette’s ex has found his prey, and he’s not afraid of taking a life.

You can find Duty Bound at:

Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ ARe ~ Kobo ~ iBooks


.About the Author:

It can never be said that Sidney Bristol has had a ‘normal’ life.  She is a recovering roller derby queen, former missionary, and tattoo addict. She grew up in a motor-home on the US highways (with an occasional jaunt into Canada and Mexico), traveling the rodeo circuit with her parents. Sidney has lived abroad in both Russia and Thailand, working with children and teenagers. She now lives in Texas where she splits her time between a job she loves, writing, reading and belly dancing.

You can find Sidney at:

Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Reader Lounge ~ Newsletter ~ Goodreads



One Kiss

(Midnight Kiss #1)

by Lisa Fox

Sometimes one kiss can change everything.

New Year’s Eve is supposed to be a night for celebration and new beginnings. For best friends Kat and Dean, it is a nightmare filled with disastrous dates and enraged ex-girlfriends!

Lucky for them, they’ve got each other to help laugh off the embarrassing, and downright inappropriate, moments. But then midnight rolls around and neither of them have anyone to kiss…

There’s no doubt this is a night they will always remember.

The real question is whether it will be a night they want to forget…

You can find your copy of One Kiss at:

Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iTunes ~ Kobo ~ Publisher ~ Amazon UK

Pre-Order your copy of Her Perfect Lips (Midnight Kiss #2):

Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iTunes ~ Kobo ~ Publisher ~ Amazon UK


About the Author:

World-renowned neurosurgeon, jet fighter pilot, secret member of American royalty, seducer of legions of beautiful, outrageously sexy angels and demons and vampires and werewolves and the occasional pirate, Lisa Fox has done it all…in her own mind. In reality, she can generally be found at her desk with a cup of coffee close at hand. Or maybe a martini. It really depends on the day.

Feedback, comments, opinions, words of wisdom, chocolate cake and the addresses of super hot men are always appreciated and encouraged. Please feel free to contact me any time.

You can find Lisa at:

Website ~ Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest

Goodreads ~ Newsfeed




(Tryst Island #1)

by Sabrina York

Kristi Cross has had the hots for her friend, Cameron Jackson as long as she can remember, but she knows she’s not his type. She’s nothing like the women he dates. So when he suggests they play for a kiss over a game of Hearts, Kristi can’t resist. Even if she loses, she wins. Because she’s finally going to taste him.

Of course, one kiss can quickly become something altogether steamier, especially when both parties are on the rebound…

Fall in Love on Tryst Island… When a group of friends share a vacation house, wild hijinks, unexpected hook-ups and steamy sex ensue.

You can find Rebound & the rest of the Tryst Island series at:
Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iTunes ~ Kobo




About the Author:

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy to scorching erotic romance.

Connect with her on twitter @sabrina_york, on Facebook or on Pintrest. Check out Sabrina’s books and read an excerpt on Amazon or wherever e-books are sold. Visit her website to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Get the Free Teaser Book, and don’t forget to enter to win the royal tiara!  Want more? Sign up to be a member of Sabrina’s Street Team on Facebook!

You can find Sabrina at:

Website ~ Facebook ~ Goodreads ~ Twitter

Street Team ~ Newsletter ~ Pinterest

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Nov 18

REVIEW/ GIVEAWAY: Guardian’s Patience by Jacqueline Rhoades

Guardian’s Patience

(Guardian of the Race #5)

By Jacqueline Rhoades


4 Hearts

The Blurb:

Short and round, she dresses like a gypsy in vibrant and sometimes clashing colors. She’s been known to dye her hair to match her mood. She does a Good Deed every day and smiles at everyone she meets. But underneath her happy-go-lucky exterior, Patience Delecourt is lonely and afraid. She’s the mouse in a demon’s Cat-and-Mouse game that’s been going on for fifteen years. Her ideal hero would come straight out of the old movies she watches night after night alone in her tiny apartment.

Stuffy and socially awkward, Broadbent ad Sebastian, Guardian of the Race, has his vision of the ideal woman, too; tall, elegant, cultured, and well-read. But every time he meets someone who might fill the bill, his advances are met with laughter and derision. As hard as he tries to emulate his fellow Guardians; their prowess with women, their clothes, their interests; he just can’t get it right.

He doesn’t see himself as handsome or a hero. She doesn’t see herself as beautiful or brave. Yet what they find together opens new worlds of wonder for them both. It also opens the doors to old enemies and sets off a series of events that threaten the House of Guardians and the people within it. With the credits ready to roll on their mismatched love story, Patience and Broadbent will have to find the bravery and heroism they see in each other, and decide how much they will sacrifice for love.

My Review Final

I was delighted when this book debuted because I was waiting to see how everyone was doing now that most of them were settled. My favorite character in the book (aside from Otto and Manon) is Broadbent. He’s dry and funny in his own straight forward way and I get most of his quotes. I love the way he came into the fold later in life than most because it was something he felt a call or duty despite the burden that came along with it.

Jaqueline’s layers of story and the way her world works started some really great friction between the coven and reinforced their bond. Throughout the book we really get a better handle on just what drives Broadbent. Pinkie and her past provided some gray area and made the House sit down and determine just where they drew the line in their war on the demons. I had trouble putting this one away at night because every page had something interesting going on.

My favorite part of any book is a solid world where conflict crops up organically and this installment delivered. It was great watching two characters make conscious decisions to be in love and build a relationship instead of relying on instant chemistry to get them going. I’m not sure if this is the end of them but I’ll be watching out for more.

Hotness Rating

3 out of 5

3 Flames

Giveaway Final

Jacqueline has generously offered up an ebook copy of Guardian’s Patience for our blog readers. Check out the Rafflecopter for details!

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Guest Blogger Final





Nov 18


Here are some newly released books that you might want to check out. I know I do!

Click on their covers to learn more about them :)


Nov 17

REVIEW: Caressed By Moonlight by Amanda J. Greene


Caressed By Moonlight

(Rulers of Darkness #1)

by Amanda J. Greene


3-5 Hearts

From Goodreads

Dorian Vlakhos is no ordinary aristocrat. He is a vampire king, who will do anything to save his clan from complete annihilation, before an ancient curse can claim his immortal life.

Penniless and orphaned, Victoria Kingston has nothing to bring to a marriage, yet she must shackle an unsuspecting gentleman into marriage by the end of the month or forfeit her rights as guardian of her younger sister. With the help of her dearest friend, Victoria begins her hunt, and vows to stay far away from the dark, mysterious, Dorian Vlakhos.

After meeting the beautifully innocent Miss Kingston, Dorian had to have her. He would do absolutely anything to make Victoria his. One sweet stolen kiss would bring them together while a force, more powerful than any vampire would bind them for all eternity. But treachery, war, and death rule Dorian’s dark world and Victoria would be fortunate to survive.

My Review Final

Some people really have it hard, and whenever they come out on top it always brings a smile to my face. Imagine having your parents torn from you, and in order to pay off their debts and keep your younger sister, you sold everything you owned and moved in with a relative that clearly did not want you and treated you like dirt. That’s what Victoria had to do, and I loved that she never gave up.

Victoria was a strong woman. Hell, with the life she was living she had to be. She did everything possible to take care of her little sister and make sure that they were always together. She took punishments with her head high. She took the verbal lashes silently. She put up with so much. And when her life with her sister was threatened, she stepped up to the challenge and finally broke free of the chains that have held her back for so long. She was willing to sacrifice anything she had to in order to keep her sister, and with the help of a very attractive and famous stranger, she was able to do so. When it came to Dorian, she knew it was not what she had planned, but he was everything she ever needed. The more time she spent with him, the more she came to realize the depth of her feelings for him. She was hopeful and innocent. But in that innocence, she had a strength that had always lived within her. When things in her life got turned upside down, she fell back on that strength to be the woman she truly was. She stood by Dorian and did everything in her power to save him. She trusted him. She believed in him. And most of all, she loved him.

Dorian is a man with a lot on his plate. The last thing he needs is to come to the rescue of a beautiful woman he can’t seem to get out of his head. But that’s exactly what he does, and it’s unexplainable. She was a complication he had to have. He did everything he could for her and her sister. He took care of them. He provided for them. He even loved them. He did everything in his power to help them, and even more of his power to get Victoria to open up to him. He truly loved her, and didn’t realize it until things had severely hit the fan. He fought for her. He did everything in his ability to be there for her through the upturn of her life. He was a true gentleman, and a devoted lover. He protected her and her sister. He used his status to serve him and keep everyone he cared for safe. He cherished everything around it and wanted to take care of it. He was a very giving man, but he could be selfish when it came to the woman he loved.

Although there were a few grammatical errors, it was a good start to a debut novel. The characters were decent. I did feel like she took a little too long to get to the reality of Dorian’s life, but after that it picked up. The love was a mild simmer, and even though I wish it could have been a bit steamier, overall their relationship was very good. I look forward to the next book. Never thought to mix Regency with a little paranormal. Nice.

Heat Rating

3.5 out of 5

3 Flames


Nov 16


Sunday Swag Post

Welcome to Sunday Swag! I absolutely love swag. I think it’s the perfect thing to collect. You can have a whole bunch and it doesn’t take up a lot of room. One day it occurred to me that a lot of people might have the same feelings about swag as I do. That’s when the idea of a Sunday Swag feature came to me. I could both show off my love of swag and give some away! Plus, it’s a great way of spreading the word about all the fabulous authors out there!


This week I’m spreading the word about Virna DePaul!


Virna DePaul is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy, suspenseful fiction.  Whether it’s vampires, a Para-Ops team, hot cops or swoon-worthy identical twin brothers, her stories center around complex individuals willing to overcome incredible odds for love.  

Bedding The Wrong Brother is a #1 Bestselling Contemporary Romance and USA Today Bestseller, and is followed by Bedding The Bad Boy. Her PNR series with Random House includes Turned and Awakened. She loves to hear from readers. 

Connect with Virna:

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Goodreads // Amazon 


Here are some of  Virna’s books for you to check out. Just click on their covers to learn more about them.

Sunday Swag post Giveaway 141

Sunday Swag Giveaway, Virna DePaul, Riverina Romantics, Ends 11-22-14
The awesome prize up for grabs this week is a Virna DePaul tote bag as well as two RTC’s and an info card on The Belladonna Agency series by Virna accompanied by a hematite pendant.
Just fill out the form below to enter this international giveaway. Good luck!

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For another spectacular Sunday Swag giveaway check out I Smell Sheep!

I Smell Sheep


Nov 15

REVIEW: Merciless Ride by Chelsea Camaron

Merciless Ride

(Hellions Ride #3)

by Chelsea Camaron

4-5 hearts (1)

From Goodreads

Mercy is no friend of mine. Karma, she has yet to show kindness to me.

The hits just keep on coming for Tessie Marie Harlow. She has never had an easy life. Her mom disabled, her dad long gone, and a single mom raising a rambunctious little boy, that’s Tessie’s world.

Her childhood aspirations to be a nurse long since disappeared after a college spring fling both blessed and burdened her with a baby boy. Dropping out of school, she returns to her hometown and begins to settle in. Getting the only job she could as a bartender she spends her days caring for her son and nights serving the Hellions Motorcycle Club and their affiliates.

Tired of waiting for Rex to grow up, she’s faced with the bane existence of her life until one night changes everything. In the darkest hour of her merciless ride through life, she’s saved by a quiet, laid back Hellion.

Andy ‘Shooter’ Jenkins has always been around. Too wrapped in Rex she has never really noticed him before. He has never been loud or known to have the girls hanging all over him. He is a mystery. A chance encounter brings him to her rescue not once but twice.

The Desert Ghosts Motorcycle Club are in town and bring their own brand of chaos right to Tessie’s door. Forced into her day to day life, Shooter is doing everything he can to shelter and protect her as lines are crossed and a war between two clubs begins.

Secrets revealed putting two brothers in the Hellions Motorcycle Club at a serious crossroads in their lives.

This is not a ride for pleasure. This is not a ride for safety. This is not a ride for love. This is a ride for endurance. Mercy has never once shined her grace down for these two, but in the midst of the danger and lies can they learn to rely on one another and ride it out together?

*This book contains violence, rape, adult content and language and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18*

My Review Final

Oh, Wow! Oh, Wow! Oh, Wow! You have to read this book! Merciless Ride is the third book of The Hellions series by the master of MC hotties Chelsea Camaron and the best by far!

Tessie Harlow has been Rex’s booty call for far too long. Rex was her girl crush, then college hook-up and now a convenient piece whenever he’s at the bar that Tessie bartends at. She is so over that and has made it clear that she is no longer one of his many, many chicks that are just waiting for him to crook his finger. Life is hard enough for her right now. She’s a single mom just trying to make ends meet and caring for a disabled mom. Not to mention the safety that she always felt bartending at the popular MC hangout has now been shattered.

Andy “Shooter” Jenkins is a member of the Hellions Motorcycle Club. He’s definitely badass, but has a laid back way about him that stole my heart from the very beginning. When he walks into the bar to find Tessie being assaulted by a member of the Desert Ghosts Motorcycle Club he loses his mind. Not only does he stop the assault with brutal efficiency, but he cares for Tessie in every way that she needs.

“I’ve been there, Tessie,” Shooter’s voice whispers in my ear, “where the silence is deafening. Where everything is so dark on the inside, the light of day won’t break through as you go through the motions. When the darkness falls and your mind takes your body back to the place where it falls apart.”

I love Shooter in all his laid back hotness. And I love Tessie! She’s a self-sufficient, hard working mother that will do anything for her kid which makes her all kinds of badass in her right. She hid some really important things, but never maliciously or selfishly. She felt she was doing the right thing. Shooter was perfect in every way. He is strong enough to make a girl feel safe, yet he’s intuitive, thoughtful, loyal, honorable and gentle when needed to be.

Chelsea Camaron, you sure can write hot badass biker books. I definitely put you up there as one of the greats!

Hotness Rating 
3 out of 5
3 Flames


Click here for my review of One Ride (The Hellions #1)

Click here for my review of Forever Ride (The Hellions #2)


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